LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes

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OTP meme
        Ian and Mickey - outdoors

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I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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i havent hated myself this immensely for months lol i forgot how awful it feels

no matter how ok with myself i learn to be other people always drag me down even if they dont mean to idk

I was supposed to hang out. With my friend but she ended up seeing other people we knew and sat with them the entire time and we were supposed to hang out the entire afternoon??? But she decided she was done and now I’m so done wow FUCK

I can’t even post the appropriate passive aggressive twitter updates because she’ll see them and its like, I’m partly at fault because I invited two mutual friends but I told her earlier in the week they might come for brunch??? I’m just mad. And at school. No one is picking me up for another hour FUCK THE PATRIARCHY WOW

I just took my first anti-anxiety pill and idk I’m really hopeful

I get to sleep in tomorrow

Things are ok

I had a med check appointment and I told my doctor about how I needed something about my anxiety and got so nervous I tore at my hands and now they are all red and sore ah ha ha

My mom was so horrified that now she completely believes I have anxiety boo yeah but now I’m on cymbalta to complete the holy trifecta of anti-depressants anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety medication

apparently I’m not allowed to have a med check without a parent which I knew!!! but my mom made me come anyway and my mom is just like, find a way to get your meds and im going to cry

I’m in public and my eyes are welling up and it’s just like fuck